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Our goal is to develop an international open-source learning network to test and develop the concepts of a conservation economy.

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The following publications have been contributed by the users of You are welcome to download any of them, however, please observe appropriate copyright laws and contact the author if you would like to reproduce them. If you have an article you'd like to contribute, you can post it below.





Type | Size

A Qualitative Study of Community Leaders in the Conservation Economy

Max Nielsen-Pincus

Attempts to create a grounded theoretical model of social capital that is based on qualitative data from community leaders in sustainability.

December 21, 2002


PDF | 903k

Ernesto Sirolli

Describes a powerful community-based process to generate successful new businesses.

June 24, 2002

PDF | 99k

Stuart Cowan

Discusses how the Pattern Language provides a framework for developing a conservation economy.

Summer 2001

PDF | 18k


Discusses how can we promote a sustainable local economy in
Silverton which provides an improved quality of life while regenerating natural systems.

May 21, 2001


PDF | 316k


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